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Your IT PArtner

Being an IT partner, Vikasietum always has our client's interests first and foremost in mind. We enable our clients to succeed in the market place and technology is the cornerstone for this endeavor. As such, our top priority is providing technology enabled solutions for the client's business problems.

Through our sister company eConsultants Inc., we provide consulting and technology services to a list of marquee clients illustratively - Oracle, Lockheed, Intergraph, IHI E&C, Motiva, Federal Agency and Wells Fargo.


To accomplish our purpose, Vikasietum is open to hiring anyone across the country or even across the globe, as per the needs of our client. We leverage our Virtual Workspace model to attract and retain talent wherever they are within the country. We also have various global partnerships in place to on-board talent across the world. Our partners are likeminded companies, that prize client relationships and employee talent the way we do!


engagement Models

Vikasietum always places its client's interests first and foremost in mind. We enable our clients to succeed in the marketplace with technology as the cornerstone. Our top priority is providing technology enabled solutions for our client's business problems.​ We are always looking to innovate and strive to cultivate an environment of learning. We also do tailored solutions for the client, so feel free to reach out to us for a customized software solution

Transferable Software Solution​

We create, deliver, maintain and operate software for our clients as per their business requirements ​

Remote Technology Teams​

We augment client technology teams by building a dedicated remote team for them which acts as an extension to the client team. ​

Transferable Remote Teams​

The remote technology team is transferred to the client after a designated milestone. We help our clients register their India entity and guide  them to navigate the compliance landscape in India.​

Complete Software Solution Delivery​

We take complete ownership of the delivery and work with the client to launch the software solution using Agile methodology. 

Virtual Team Meeting


Companies across industry verticals need to go Digital in order to remain competitive. Digital demands continuous positive disruption in the thought process, work process, and engagement with customers and within the value chain. We, at Vikasietum, partner with our clients in their digital transformational journeys to ensure that they are future ready.

We drive end-to-end solutions for the rapidly changing digital landscape that helps you evolve your applications, platforms, and infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern, efficient and secure digital enterprise.

Our technology team works in an agile manner with our client team. Our Scrum teams are a combination of onsite and offsite resources with relevant and diverse skillsets. These teams under the leadership of a Product Manager/Owner work with the client business stakeholders to get product ideas launched quickly to the market transforming vision to reality.


Benefits of Our Technology Model 

Vast Talent Pool​

  • Access to a global talent pool ​

  • Crack recruitment team with expertise in spotting, attracting and retaining talent​

  • Online presence on all the right hiring portals to facilitate net-working with talent​

Array Of Technologies​

  • Vikasietum team members are passionate about technology; No technology is off limits​

  • Regular training and mentoring for the team to continuously upgrade technology skill sets​

Time Zone Overlap​

  • Flexible team shifts as per your time zone overlap requirement​

  • Team incentivized based on shift and overall productivity​

Cost Arbitrage​

  • Competitive pricing for world class services​

  • Various commercial models as per the client's needs​

Company Culture​

  • Open company culture to encourage employee motivation​

  • Multiple channels to encourage team collaboration and ideation​

Geographical Reach​

  • Reliance on trusted local partners to act as an interface for our clients​

  • Ongoing focus on expanding the ecosystem of partners to widen geographical footprint​