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Our engineers are skilled in technologies like Unity, Erlang, Elixir, and Three.js. We can help you bring your gaming platform to the next level by documenting 
system details, conducting retrospectives, addressing technical debt, 
and collaborating with experts to understand the product roadmap.  Our team follows Extreme Programming best practices, including Test-Driven Development, iterative development, simple design, feedback loops, and DevOps. 

Our Client's Testimonal

"I am incredibly pleased with the team's drive to create successful products. It’s easy for tech consultants to put their head down and deliver work without caring much about the results; however, with Vikasietum that is absolutely not the case. They feel a lot less like consultants and more like real employees of our company, striving to build something amazing as a team. I HIGHLY recommend Vikasietum as a development provider for any startup or company looking to build high quality products quickly and efficiently."

-Co-Founder & CEO of an Online Poker Gaming Company (USA)

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