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Cross-Pollination of Ideas across Industries

Cross-pollination is a term widely used in various fields. However, the bottom line for all efforts is the same - new results using old concepts. Of course, this relates to the IT industry as well. But why cross-pollination? After all, it seems like cross-pollination and the IT industry have nothing to do with each other. Well, the IT Industry has matured rapidly, and to some extent, has become saturated. This growth in IT is faster due to the minimum set of tools needed. With exponential growth, we have now reached a point wherein new ideas are rare.

This is where cross-pollination comes in. To break the stagnation barrier, the IT industry borrowed a few concepts from other industries; the concept of the component is a good example. A component has its boundary and its specifications, where and how it can fit. This is similar to Mechanical machinery. Most of the cars we see today were made using cross-pollination and borrowed inspiration from nature, for instance - the Volkswagen Beetle.

Correspondingly, the IT industry can borrow ideas from other industries as well. Mature industries like Mechanical, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and so on, have grown through leaps and bounds. Through this growth experience, these industries defined processes and standards for improving productivity and quality.

The Software Industry was once a new kid on the block, yet due to its speed of growth, it achieved the same experience level as these senior industries. Innovations are possible by doing different things or doing the same thing differently. In other words, we can achieve cross-pollination if we start observing the same thing differently.

Correlation is one such approach to cross-pollination. When a new concept appears in an industry or sector, the IT industry should attempt correlation. This endeavor can show how one can mimic it in the world of Software.

For instance, in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) realm, neurons have been created using Software. This motivation of AI came from human intelligence. It’s a notable feat that one can hope to replicate. This is achievable by following a similar approach at various scales.

From the simple tree structure applied to the Web World as HTML DOM structure - to the level of airplanes borrowed from birds, all we have to do is look at things around us with an open mind and without any presumption.

Open-minded observation leads to new insights about the same thing. For instance, we know the touch screens we use behave similarly to our skin. Our skin has thermoreceptors which are specialized neurons that detect temperature differences. Likewise, we have various touch screen technologies like capacitive touch, infrared touch, and so on.

Thus, the IT industry needs to keep its eyes and ears open to new ideas and concepts, whether in nature or in other industries. Doing so will bring new life to dried-up efforts. So, keep thinking, observing, and mixing concepts for continuous innovation!

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