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Helping Businesses Bloom

Vikasietum (pronounced as viks-it-um) - We do technology consulting for global SMEs!

We are an AI-powered modern technology consulting company that applies product thinking, agile execution, and an engineering mindset to help its clients adopt digital solutions, deliver business value at scale and build competitive advantage.


At Vikasietum, we nurture Simplicity, Communication, Humility, Respect & Courage as our core values. Our teams bring deep technical expertise and vast experience in developing solutions for Pharmaceutical, Financial services, Retail, and Telecom domains.

Our Services
  • Research

  • Gaming

  • AI, ML, NLP

  • Product Development

  • Data Engineering

  • Legacy Modernization

  • Product Rescue

  • DevSecOps & Cloud

  • UI/UX Consulting

What Sets Us Apart
  • Our value-driven approach to business problems

  • Engineering mindset

  • No-nonsense approach to delivery

  • Passion to produce high quality code

  • AI integrated solutions

Work Colleagues
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