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Join Vikasietum: A Workplace that Values Its Employees and Their Development

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, it is essential for companies to hire the right talent to ensure success. Therefore, the hiring process is of utmost importance for companies. Vikasietum, a leading technology firm known for its innovative solutions, takes its hiring process seriously.

Our hiring process is designed to identify the best candidates while ensuring a positive experience for both the candidate and the company. Our Human Potential Department delves into the importance of the hiring process for companies and explore the key elements of Vikasietum's hiring process.

Job Posting and Sourcing

At Vikasietum, we are concerned that selecting the best applicant requires considering several factors, including technical aptitude, aspiration match, and cultural fit. We closely collaborate with our leaders to understand the specific skills and job requirements before we begin our search.

To ensure that we attract recruits with the most relevant experience and skills, it's essential to stay updated on the latest trends in the specific industry. We encourage referrals from existing staff once we are certain of the position's requirements. We promote the position across a range of platforms, including Naukri and LinkedIn, to reach a larger pool of candidates. For hiring to be effective, we believe investing both efforts and time in the job posting and sourcing phases is important.

Screening and Interviewing

The screening and interviewing phase begins once we receive CVs and applications that meet our requirements. To ensure that the candidate satisfies our basic criteria, we conduct an initial screening. After that, we have a phone call to get a first impression of the candidate and to determine whether they are suitable for the role.

We provide an overview of our company, clarify the position's role and responsibilities, and assess the applicant's attitude, aptitude, and cultural fit with the company. If we decide that the candidate is a perfect fit, we submit their application to our officials for consideration.

Assessments and Decision Making

To ensure that we choose the best candidates for the position, we pay close attention during our screening and interviewing stages. The next step in the process is a virtual interview with senior tech professionals. After this stage, we provide the candidate with an assessment and a task to complete. We plan the next round with our CTO and CEO, taking into account the results of the assignment and the response from the first round.

We value transparency and honesty during the hiring process and try to keep open communication with candidates.

We look for candidates who are keen on learning, have the right attitude to affirm positive working relationships with clients and colleagues, fit in well with our company culture, can handle challenges, are punctual and credible, can understand feedback, and are driven to succeed during the interview process.

Onboarding and Training

The onboarding and training project begins shortly after we've chosen the leading talent. The next step is to gather the necessary documentation and introduce the new employee to the company's policies. Then, we provide performance training, soft skills instruction, and tips on how to be more productive. To assess the new employee's expertise and skills and identify potential areas for further training or support, we also conduct periodic technical assessments.

“Policies are made for people; people are not made for policies.” – Vivek Saxena, CEO at Vikasietum Tecknology

We believe it's necessary to officially welcome new employees to the team and give them every opportunity to feel valued. By offering opportunities for further training and career advancement, we also support the employees' growth and development. We educate our new employees for achievement while ensuring they have the tools and resources; they need to excel in their roles by providing a complete and supportive onboarding and training process.

We're always on the lookout for great candidates! If you're looking for a company that values its employees and is a remote-first company that prioritizes your growth and development, join Vikasietum today!


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