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The Shades of Vikasietum: Bringing Life to Technology

Vikasietum Tecknology has always been committed to bringing new, innovative approaches to technology. Our ethos is rooted in enhancing your life with innovative products and solutions.

The use of vivid colors has been a major feature of the organization since its foundation. This is depicted by our logo, which resembles a blossom and embodies the people, culture, approach, and growth. In this article, we'll discuss Vikasietum's hues and their significance.

Amber (Orange Yellow Color)

First used as a colour name in the year 1500, "amber" has a long history. It is a magnificent and vibrant colour that gives a sense of security, vitality, and positive energy. The sun's energy, growth, and transformation are all symbolized by this warm and radiant colour. In addition to fostering a positive atmosphere throughout the tech world, the warm colour gives a sense of security and comfort. Historically, connotations of magic and spirituality have been related to tree resin amber. Considering the above significance, the Amber colour is applied at Vikasietum to evoke nostalgic feelings while also promoting an inviting ambiance. Its vivacity encourages boldness and fosters a cheerful demeanor. The colour is associated with sunshine because of how similar it looks to yellow.

Midnight Blue (Black Pearl Color)

The Midnight Blue at Vikasietum symbolizes stability and trustworthiness. It is a smooth, deep blending of black and blue that reflects the night sky's depths. It is only recently that it has taken on a very dark blue hue like the night sky surrounding a full moon. Artworks by Vincent Van Gogh from the 1800s including Starry Night and Cafe Terrace at Night also seen midnight blue skies. Midnight blue inspires feelings of security, wisdom, and leadership. Despite looking very much like black, it also emanates strength, elegance, and power.

Lime Green (Bright Green Color)

Lime green is a colour that is known to promote thoughts of life, freshness, and innovation because it is so closely related to nature, self-assurance, and high energy. According to colour psychology, it is considered the most calming and soothing colour for the human eye to perceive and has healing powers. This vibrant coloration is calming, unwinding, and youthful. The citrus fruit's tart colour gave it its name. Folks may interpret the meaning of the hue this as being youthful, vibrant, and fresh. At Vikasietum, Lime green represents growth, harmony, freshness, creativity and the environment. It also represents the beginning, renewal, nature, and energy.

At Vikasietum, we strive to bring simple and transformative solutions to enhance life and make technology more accessible. The use of vivid color plays a significant role in representing who we are. The Amber color symbolizes security, vitality, and positive energy, while Midnight Blue represents stability, trustworthiness, and wisdom. Lime Green, on the other hand, represents growth, harmony, freshness, and creativity.

These colors were meticulously chosen to evoke specific thoughts and convey the brand's ethos of bringing life to technology. Interested in blossoming your full potential? Send us an email at if you are driven by technology and want to join our team.


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