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Trekking Through The Kondana Caves: A Break To Reconnect With Nature

November 18, 2022: An enthusiastic team of Vikasietum members decided to explore the beautiful Buddhist caves near Karjat, Maharashtra. The thrill of the adventure - traversing the rocky terrain, and even wading through a small stream stemming from a waterfall - contributed to an overall satisfying experience. Our journey remains fresh in my memory, and I would love to share the fun we had with others!

The commencement of the trek was fairly easy, we made it up to the top in about half an hour. Once we got there, we admired the beautiful foliage and birds that were adorning the trees; reminiscing past treks and having conversations among ourselves. Some members were still zealous - they started walking off their excess energy and having an animated discussion about the place and its beauty.

Picture Credit- Nimish Patole

The Kondana Buddhist Caves are around fifteen kilometers from Karjat and offer an insight into the ancient lifestyle of Buddhists. The cave displays sculptures, viharas, chaityas, and stupas. Sculptures and stupas are specimens of ancient period Buddhist architecture. There was a natural disaster in the form of an earthquake in the early 1900s, by which many stupas, front entrances, and floors of the cave were damaged. However, it has retained its beauty and peace of the olden days, attracting plenty of visitors throughout the year.

Trekking or hiking is always ranked high among the most popular and sought-after team-building activities. Being in nature is an excellent remedy for our souls as we get to spend quality time with ourselves.

Picture Credit- Vikraman Karunanidhi

Finally, we sat down to absorb the tranquility of this region. While we meditated atop this hill, we felt rejuvenated as the nearby pond graced our thoughts with its beauty. The trek concluded with our descent down the hill being met with a breathtaking sunset!

Just getting away from the fast-paced city life, spending a day breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying a day out in the lap of nature was worth it. The experience was totally unforgettable for us all. This trek was the perfect way to break free from stress and reconnect with nature. An overall refreshing and motivating experience that we look forward to again!


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