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Vikasietum's Staycation at U Rivergate Resort: A Fun-Filled Week of Adventure, and Team Building

Vikasietum, pronounced as “viks-it-um,” is a cutting-edge technology consulting company that empowers SMEs to flourish through simple, purpose-driven software solutions. Our guiding principle is that genuine innovation and transformational ideas stem from simplicity. One of the perks of working at Vikasietum is the flexible working hours and time that the company offers to employees and consultants. We believe this improves creativity and happiness among our team members as well as reduces stress and commute time.

The company also promotes a culture of collaboration, learning, and innovation, where everyone can contribute their ideas and skills to solve clients’ business problems using relevant technology. Breaking the corporate stereotype, Vikasietum empowers its people to start and end each day as they see fit, as long as they deliver noteworthy results and value. Twice a year, we arrange a meetup to bring all team members together under one roof, as a bonding experience for the team members.

The staycation was a three-day event organized by Vikasietum to celebrate the achievements and milestones of team members, as well as foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among the team. It was held at U Rivergate Resort near Karjat, where the folks enjoyed various activities such as games, dance, music, horse rides, and other adventurous games.

On April 10, 2023, the Vikasietum team eagerly arrived at the resort to extend a warm welcome to our respected guests from Japan - Yoko Furuguri San, Hiroko Yamada San, and Yukiko Matsuoka San, representing the SBX Corporation. The Japan team was delighted to meet their hosts in person for the first time, and Vivek Saxena, the Founder, and CEO of Vikasietum, personally greeted them and introduced them to every member of the team.

This staycation boosted the morale and motivation of the team, who felt appreciated and recognized for their hard work and contributions. Some shared their experiences and pictures on their social media handles, expressing their thoughts and feelings for Vikasietum’s flexible and inclusive work environment.

Want to join a team of high calibre?

At Vikasietum, we value people who are passionate about technology and are willing to learn and grow. We encourage candidates to showcase their skills and experience through personal projects and a strong portfolio of work. We also highly value collaboration and interpersonal skills as we work closely with clients to solve their business problems. If you’re interested, we encourage you to explore our job openings and reach out to our human potential team for more information.

We are a forward-thinking technology consulting company that prioritizes simplicity, innovation, and collaboration. Our flexible work hours, inclusive culture, and regular team meetups foster a supportive and creative environment for employees and consultants.

Join our supportive work environment today!


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