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The Annual Event 2022 At Vikasietum: A Celebration Of Technology And Talent!

Vikasietum Tecknology, based in Pune, and led by Vivek Saxena (Founder & CEO) and his team, organized the first annual event on April 14th, 2022 at Pune. This was the first time that members of the team got together and interacted with each other in such close quarters! The event was hosted by Abhishek More (Human Resource Business Partner) and Ayushi Saxena (Marketing Executive).

It started with an inauguration ceremony by Smita Saxena, Vivek Saxena and Sucheendrakumar Palaniappan (Suchee). Vivek felicitated all the employees and highlighted some important aspects of being part of an organization like Vikasietum Tecknology.

Inauguration Ceremony

Sucheendrakumar Palaniappan (Suchee), Smita Saxena, Vivek Saxena, and inaugurated Vikasietum's annual event with a ceremony. Vivek greeted and thanked the guests as well as the team. He said that it was very exciting to see all of them at this grand event. He said that he hoped they enjoyed themselves at this inaugural function and also at the many segments scheduled for today. The team would be happy to provide any assistance. With no further ado, they proceeded with the inauguration ceremony by lighting traditional Diya and a prayer.

Game Session

Team Vikasietum enjoyed a fun-filled game session at their annual event. The hosts gave a sentence and everybody had to continue the story. The team also danced together. The event was a great success and the team had a great time including our clients who were there too. When asked about what they did most, one team member said, “I really liked when we all came together for our new team engagement activity.” She continued to say that she loved how the team collaborated so beautifully while meeting for the first time.

Inspirational speech by leaders

Sucheendrakumar Palaniappan, Director of Data-science and Engineering of SBX Corporation, was one of our special guest speakers at Vikasietum's annual event. He shared his feeling with the team about his journey and connection with the company. This was a wonderful opportunity to hear from an expert in the field! The event also includes keynote speeches by CEO Vivek Saxena, who stated how we are transforming business operations with technology; Nilesh Miskin, Chief Digital Officer at Vikasietum, who shared his influencing story in his career. These glorious speeches inspired the team to grow with the company.

Vikasietum’s Got Talent

This year, Vikasietum Tecknology celebrated the annual event with a bang! It was time to unfold the hidden talent of our fellow team members. This year we organized a talent hunt segment “Vikasietum’s Got Talent” to explore the wonderful talent among the team member. The participants were free to perform whatever they wanted, and the audience was treated to a variety of entertaining performances. We've got some amazing talent lined up.

An artistically wrote shayari by said by Akshat Lakshkar-

Bugs Fix करते करते अब आलम ये है की, यादों में भी तेरी office को भी ख्यालों का घर बना रखा है|” 

Harshali Jain, Abhijeet Shetty, Satish Kumar, and Satwik Katta entertained the team with dancing performances; a karaoke song by Nilesh Miskin and Abhishek More. Aditi Aditi Chowdhury did an English recitation of a famous poem written by bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore. Team Members at Vikasietum Tecknology enjoyed the many performances and are excited about next year’s event.

Networking Evening with Snacks, & Dinner

The Vikasietum team had a great time at their annual event! We enjoyed networking with each other, discussing life stories, and singing songs. The dinner buffet was delicious, and the entertainment was top-notch. 

DJ Night and Photo Session

The squad had fun taking pictures of themselves together and appeared to be having a good time. It was a great opportunity for the team to bond with each other. Team Vikasietum ended the evening with DJ nights of popular Bollywood songs. The night came to an end with an energetic performance by some of our favorite Vikasietum’s Dancers. These were emotional moments that no one will forget anytime soon. The annual event has come to an end but this isn't goodbye- there are many more Vikasietum events planned for the year so keep up with us on our social media!


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