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Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity: Vikasietum and SBX Teams Embrace Culture on Traditional Day!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Vikasietum Tecknology Private Limited is a technology consulting company that believes in nurturing digital products from ideation to delivery and beyond. Our team of software engineers, data scientists, UX designers, and researchers is diverse and innovative, and they work remotely from various locations across the globe.

One of the most intriguing facets of Vikasietum’s culture is the collaboration and exchange of knowledge with the team in Japan, who are experts in various fields of science and technology. We also share our knowledge and skills with our colleagues from other countries, creating a learning environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

This was a special event that occurred during our second annual celebration, where we dressed up in traditional attire and shared our stories, customs, food, and many more. It was a fun and meaningful way to immerse oneself in another culture and to respect and celebrate the diversity that makes Vikasietum a unique and vibrant workplace.

The Vikasietum and SBX team recently came together to celebrate traditional on the second annual event and what ensued was an incredible cultural exchange. The event proved to be more than just a day of festivities, as the team used the opportunity to connect with each other across the globe. Gathering at the conference hall, we joined a virtual meeting, discussing our progress, challenges, and client feedback. The team also learned about new tools and updates, enabling them to improve their productivity and performance.

From traditional outfits to language lessons, the exchange of stories, jokes, and trivia about their respective countries facilitated a deeper appreciation of diversity. To make the event even more special, Yoko Furuguri San, Hiroko Yamada San, Yukiko Matsuoka San, and Mr. Sucheendra Kumar graced Vikasietum’s Annual Event with their presence, even bringing gift hampers with them containing traditional items such as origami paper, chopsticks, and many more items that reflected their rich Japanese culture.

The Vikasietum team reciprocated with gift hampers of their own, filled with traditional items. The exchange of gifts was a beautiful representation of the bonds that had been formed through the cultural exchange. These activities were not only fun but also meaningful and cultural. They helped both teams to connect on a deeper level. It also helped them to strengthen their relationship and trust.

The highlight of the day was when Anubhuti Jain (QA Engineer at Vikasietum) performed the song “Bhage re man” with great enthusiasm and Ashish Kshatriya (Research Analyst at Vikasietum) performed the song “Dream Come True - Love Love Love” which created an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the room. We had a great time celebrating this special day together as it allowed us to understand each other better and build stronger relationships.

"It's not about how many hours you spend; it's about what you do."- Mr. Sucheendra Kumar (Director of Datascience and Engineering at SBX Corporation)

What a joy it was to share the smiles and cheers with our team members from Vikasietum as they received their gift hampers and rewards. They have shown remarkable performance and dedication in their roles and deserve all the recognition. Among the shining stars who received the excellence awards were Nikitha Karkera (Data Scientist), Aditi Chowdhury (Principal QA Architect), Ashish Kshatriya (Research Analyst), Nayan Jain (Director of Technology – Gaming), Dipak Lokhande (QA Engineer) and yours truly.

The celebration of the traditional day at Vikasietum was a beautiful representation of diversity and inclusion. The exchange of knowledge, stories, and traditions between both teams brought them closer together, strengthening their relationships and fostering a culture of learning and innovation.

The event was not just about clicking pictures in traditional attire, but also about appreciating and respecting each other’s differences. It is through such cultural exchanges that we can learn and grow, I must say that Vikasietum remains constant in creating an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated, and where diversity is celebrated as a strength.


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