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Christmas at Vikasietum - Santa for the Bravehearted

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." — Albus Dumbledore

Christmas celebration at Vikasietum Tecknology is loaded with excitement and surprises. We wanted to explore something completely different this year - something we had not done the previous year. This year we chose altruism as the theme; the joy of giving to those who truly are in need. Instead of receiving gifts from Santa, we became Santa for the brave-hearted children of Tara - SOFOSH.

Team Vikasietum handing over the Wishlist items to the Vice-Chairman and members of Tara SOFOSH

The team visited the Tara- Sofosh Dhadpale Centre on December 23, 2022, to give them a little surprise. The kids were excited and happy to see us for the first time! After that, they performed a Christmas song for us, which warmed our hearts. We had a great time with the special kids and handed over some gifts. It was an extraordinary Christmas celebration that was different from last year, but it was equally fun!

Devised for the Good

Team members donated and the company matched the amount raised by the team members. The team then voted for their favorite cause after being briefed by the Human Potential department. Tara Sofosh won, but there were a few contenders for the top spot:

At Vikasietum, we are looking for a way to encourage our employees to give back to society. The company made it easier for employees to donate and know their contribution will help those in need. We got in touch with the charitable trusts and received wish lists so that we might lend a helping hand. Vikasietum would match all employee donations with an equal donation from the company. Employees made anonymous donations of their choosing.

Fulfilling the Christmas Wishlist

Tara- SOFOSH gave us a wishlist for the month of December. Instead of shopping at malls, we went running errands as a team and procured stationery supplies, grocery items, and household items needed for the kids at Tara-Sofosh Dhadpale Centre.

Vikasietum Team Members with Tara-SOFOSH Commitee Members

The kids seemed to have a great time mingling with team Vikasietum, as did we. It was a delight for us to serve as Santa for the needy and donate the required resources to these bright smiling children. The celebration began with a magician performing magic tricks for the children, who dressed up in their best clothes. The kids were overjoyed and excited to be part of the magic act.

Kids are the future of our country; they are energetic and full of joy. They relish every moment of life and are not reluctant to express their feelings. Our team applauded the children who performed for us, but we were also heartbroken to hear some stories of children suffering from mental illness. The team was emotional as they heard about the children with their physical and mental problems, performing on stage with a grin on their faces.

All in all, it was a great way for the team to interact with these children on Christmas, and feel gratitude in their hearts - both for the organization and for the hard-working members who took care of the lovely children.

It was difficult to bid adieu to the warm-hearted children, but the team members have vowed to come back and visit Tara- Sofosh Dhadpale Centre again. A Christmas well spent indeed!


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