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Team Vikasietum Steps In Unison To Increase Awareness For The Save Soil Movement

14th April 2022: As the dazzling sun shone over the Vikasietum office, team members could be seen gathering in a horde of blue company T-shirts. With smiles all around, the positive energy was palpable. It was the day the team had come together for a momentous occasion, the yearly annual celebration. Today, however, was marked with a twist! With solidarity in their hearts and a fire in their eyes, the team wished to contribute to the awareness of the Save Soil Movement.

Why Save Soil? Well, here’s why:

“The Isha Foundation, an IUCN Member, launched the 'Journey to Save Soil' in London on 21 March, setting its founder Sadhguru off on a 100-day motorcycle journey through 26 countries to raise awareness about soil degradation and advocate for bringing organic matter back to agricultural processes.

Soil degradation is the physical, chemical and biological decline of soil quality. Caused by unabated deforestation and urbanization, industrial pollution, overgrazing, and unsustainable agricultural practices, half of the world’s soil is already degraded. This loss threatens food quality and supply, water security and biodiversity, increases carbon emissions and climate related risks, and can lead to loss of livelihoods, conflict and migration. A change in farming practices has never been more urgent.” - IUCN

Satish, a Vikasietum team member says,

“Life is supported by soil, to have a healthy & happy life, we need to start by protecting the soil underneath us. Save soil is a great awareness movement started by Sadhguru as it specifies the importance of good soil, meaning fertile land. Greenery is important to life and agriculture is essential in life. Vivek and the entire team made an effort towards Save Soil, to improve awareness through the dance performance which further shows our support for saving soil. It was an impressive effort undertaken by all of us.”

Soil is common to us all, regardless of physical, mental, or emotional differences. Like air, the soil belongs to us all. This recognition brought about a wave of “happy feet” in the team, as the movement has a corresponding dance to the Save Soil song. Rehearsals started; trepidation changed to anticipation, and the members started to enjoy learning the dance. After all, dance is meant to be from the heart, for enjoyment; yet backed by a purpose much larger than all of us.

Saurabh, a Vikasietum team member aptly encapsulated the entire event,

“It was a great feeling to support a movement to save soil. I hope our efforts as one will help bring awareness about the importance of Mother Nature.”

Recorded for posterity in the lenses of a DSLR camera, the team put their best foot forward to come together as a singular entity for the good of all involved. A small contribution to a cause that can change humankind’s entire future - the quality and longevity of soil.


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