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Vikasietum Tecknology: Celebrating Intercultural Diversity With International Teams

Today, remote teams are the new normal. Teams operate in different locations and often even different time zones. Virtual teams are growing rapidly because they allow working remotely while continuing to be productive and collaborate effectively. Let’s explore how Vikasietum Tecknology made the perfect virtual meeting with our Japanese team members!

Welcome and Context Setting by Vivek Saxena (Founder and CEO of Vikasietum Tecknology)

At Pune, our team members gathered to meet our Japan team with excitement and joy. The Japan and India teams collaborated through a virtual meeting partnering with SBX Corporation. The meeting began with a brief introduction from Vivek Saxena (Founder and CEO) about the company and the goals to be achieved. The team synced up on the agenda and the events for the day and moved forward accordingly.

Leader Speak by Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (CEO of SBX Corporation)

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano eloquently explained the growth of the Bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries. He further added that the industry is gaining momentum in contributing to global health and medicine. This initiative began when industry experts started talking about system biology and this is a new pathway in biomedical science. With the emergence of new Biology, people can converse with biological systems in the language of physics, chemistry, and molecules in a tangible way. Likewise, Dr. Kitano explained his idea behind bio-medical science and introduced a few fundamental principles to compute activities in the system. Beginning with a pharmaceutical company, we are now expanding to different branches of technology.

Reward and Recognition by Sucheendrakumar Palaniappan (Director of Data-science and Engineering of SBX Corporation)

Vikasietum Tecknology encourages teamwork and better communication among team members to reward and appreciate our co-workers. The reward and recognition were distributed by leaders of boards at Vikasietum Tecknology and SBX Corporation. Director of Data-science and Engineering at SBX Corporation- Sucheendrakumar Palaniappan (Suchee) appreciated the great talent among all the team members and is looking forward to creating more progressive solutions. The leaders appreciated fantastic employees by honoring them with certificates and gifts. Our DOP captured this movement in a picture to remember this day spent in a positive and supportive environment among the team members.

Fun and Games conducted by Divya Pote (Human Resource Executive at Vikasietum Tecknology)

Team members bonded over activities that helped them get to know each other better. These activities helped team members feel more comfortable communicating with one another, which is especially beneficial in a hybrid working environment. Some fun activities conducted by Divya Pote (Human Resource Executive at Vikasietum Tecknology) with both Japanese and Indian team members included Icebreaker games, guessing movie names from the Emoticons, identifying the place from a picture, recognizing objects from zoomed pictures, and scavenger hunts to know more about team members.

Team performance by Team Japan (Choir: Matsuoka-san, Yamada-san, and Tanabe-san)

It is said that "teamwork makes the dream work." This couldn't be truer for the Japanese team, performance by Matsuoka-san, Yamada-san, and Tanabe-san. Their performance was simply outstanding. They performed a melodious Japanese song that melted the hearts of all present. Not only did they deliver a beautiful rendition of a Japanese song, but their team unity and performance of an Indian song by Rabindranath Tagore was a sight to behold. The Indian team was touched by the gesture of the Japanese team members to embrace our culture and there was great enthusiasm all around. Both the Japanese team and the Indian team value cultural diversity and team performance, and they did justice to the celebration of both. Thereafter, the Japanese team also presented a short video on the infrastructure and facilities of the swanky Tokyo office. With exposure to Japanese culture and influence, the team members learned something new and significant about an amazing country with a rich heritage and beautiful culture.

Poetry Recitation by Team India (Aditi Chowdhury and Nilanjoy Roy)

Due to the wide range of cultures and languages that India is known for, the team understands and respects diversity. The Indian team's moment was the recitation of poetry by Rabindranath Tagore. The renowned Bengali poet's work is a source of inspiration for the team, and it helped them to connect with their roots. Apart from poetry, the team also celebrates the country's rich cultural diversity by organizing events that showcase the various traditions and customs of India. We also discussed cultural similarities between Japanese Culture and Indian Culture, including over 500 words overlapping in Tamil and Japanese! With such similarity, the two teams grew closer and looked forward to meeting in person, soon.

Closing Message by Dr. Samik Ghosh (CTO of SBX Corporation)

Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Samik Ghosh, concluded the event by thanking Vivek and the team and stating that it had been an amazing journey to see the team grow and develop over the past few months. He was pleasantly surprised by the team's growth and dedication. He also expressed his sentiments about the team being a part of this journey and thanked the team for their support and encouragement.

We would like to sincerely thank all team members for their time and effort in contributing to this event. Teamwork has been very valuable and we are interested in seeing future growth. We appreciate our team's support and motivation. There is no doubt that virtual teams are challenging to work but they are also enjoyable. Both teams have collaborated and participated to the fullest extent in both work and the event. We look forward to more such collaborations and celebrations!


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