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Flexible Work Space at Vikasietum Tecknology: Improved Creativity & Happy Work Environment

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the big dilemma of "Can I work remotely or am I tethered to my desk?" became crucial for many professionals. Many people across the globe are now working remotely, ever since Covid-19 struck and changed our lives forever.

After understanding the myriad of problems that occur among techies in the IT sector, Vikasietum Tecknology emerged with an unparalleled working culture. In this article, discover why you should be a part of Team Vikasietum.

Better Work-Life Balance

According to The Economic Times, the average Indian commute to work takes more than 2 hours. Additionally, it means that they spend 7% of their day traveling to their office. Vikasietum promotes remote and workplace flexi-time for its employees and consultants, enabling you to start and end each day as you see fit, as long as your task is accomplished, and you deliver noteworthy results. While working with us, you'll also find it easier to manage tasks, including running errands, attending a morning workout, and many more.

Upskilling and Upgrading

It's time to develop and upgrade your skillsets. We are aware that Gen Z and Millennials always want to expand their skill sets to progress in their careers. We value training employees in new skills to boost performance and efficiency across functions for development activity. We also have upskilling policies in place for employees who go the extra mile.

Boost Productivity and Creativity

Productivity directly affects the caliber of your work and the time it takes you to achieve an assigned task. If there is a method to your madness, we will always be open to hearing your craziest ideas. Our diverse team works from different parts of the world; to empower them in multiple ways we have created an employee benefits program, enhanced the work environment, set achievable health goals, eliminated work-related stress, value your passions and hobbies, fostered teamwork, and many other things to make your work life enjoyable.

A Happier & Healthier Work-Life

Working in an environment of candor makes our teams tend to be happier and lower stress, allowing them to devote more time to hobbies and other interests and improve their relationships, among other benefits. Thus, you can work more on your health and well-being, without the interruption and politics that come with an office job.

Additionally, working remotely with Vikasietum benefits wellness in different ways:

  • Focus more on physical activities

  • Less exposure to large crowds and sickness

  • Ability to eat healthier

  • Ease of caring for a health issue or disability

  • Opportunity to build a comfy and ergonomic workspace.

  • Plan your day, your way.

Remote working is the perfect solution for employees who want to work in an office-less space and still be productive. It is the future of work environments. We hope that you now have a clear understanding of the flexible workspace at Vikasietum.

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