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3 Fun-Filled Days On a Workation Retreat With Team Vikasietum

Vikasietum is proud to have a remote-first working environment. We believe in having skilled individuals come together to do some great work, unhindered by geographies or time zones. However, working virtually gets monotonous at times. It becomes important to meet in person to break that monotony. To do so, what's better than a Workation?

Located in the beautiful lands of Karjat - the Vikasietum meet took place in a brand new resort nestled next to a river, surrounded by chirping birds and natural beauty. With excitement and enthusiasm, the team members traveled from different parts of the country to meet each other and enjoy 3 days of productive, engaging activities.

All Hands Team Meeting & Assessment

All Hands Team Meeting was a gathering of Vikasietum Team India with our Japanese counterparts. The teams actively participated in the interactive session led by Divya Pote (Human Potential Executive) which consisted of different mini-games that both teams could play despite being in completely different countries. Vivek Saxena (Founder and CEO) addressed the team about the all-hands meeting and credited each member for their contributions. Post this, the Vikasietum team members shared fascinating stories of how their work had evolved at Vikasietum and spoke about their own journey so far.


In the context of work-life balance, employees are inevitably faced with various challenges. Nilesh Miskin (Chief Digital Officer) testified on the positive changes he experienced as a result of achieving his health goals. He then gave his best tips and guided the team to better balance in life. Firstly, the importance of finding a balanced schedule between home life and working hours. Secondly, the pressure of meeting stringent professional deadlines adds to the stress and psychological barriers to performance. He gave the teammates guidance on maintaining a balanced diet, measuring fluid intake, and getting sufficient sleep. His testimony inspired the team and they vowed to adopt it into their daily routines.

All-In Gaming

Games strengthen engagement, boosts team morale, and give the motivation needed to go above and beyond. Many activities were planned for team members and families by Smita Saxena (Co-founder) and Pooja Palande (Human Potential Executive). All team members along with their families enjoyed themselves immensely. The fire of healthy competition was lit and everyone gave it their all in the games being played. A super enthusiastic group added a team-bonding trek to their itinerary. They explored the Kondhane Buddhist Caves near Karjat, Maharashtra, and experienced the tranquility of the caves and the surrounding nature.

The team played a multitude of games like Musical Chairs, The Action Chain, Balloon Pyramid, Dog and Bone, Balance the Balloon, Football, and Volleyball. All the participants were rewarded with tasty goodies. The team would then relax in the pool after an evening of games.

Late Night Jamming Sessions By The Bonfire

Without thrilling ghost stories and delightful music to listen to with both family and friends, bonfire night just wouldn't be the same. Abhijeet Shetty's (UI/UX Designer) original chilling ghost story stunned us all with an unbelievable climax. We didn't envision the ending being so horrific. With the team members shivering from the ghost story, little Shivaansh, all of 7 years, bravely took the stage with a remarkable poem recitation of Agnipath. His dedication and cute delivery took the team's hearts. With the same mood of cheery fun, the team jammed together - singing both recent and old melodies. A magical jamming session led by the melody of Rohan Jangotra (Senior Software Engineer) and his acoustic guitar created different vibes as the team sang classics, sad songs, and cheerful songs. After the jamming session, the whole team shook their respective legs to dance numbers. A beautiful close to a wonderful event!

A Joyful Collaboration

It was a memorable day for Vikasietum and the team will cherish this memory for a long time. The photo session was a fabulous bonding experience for us. All of the team members' smiles were captured on camera.

The Workation was a great way to get everyone together in one place and make new connections. The team has a lot of fun but takes their work equally seriously. The team members were working on projects, having meetings, and discussing different ideas. This kind of courtesy reflects the level of ownership and dedication by the Vikasietum team members. It was an incredible trip, made enjoyable by the combined efforts of the team and a joyful collaboration among all! Here's to a successful and productive Workation, and many more to come!


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